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Above all, the JDA team is committed to our Core Values. By maintaining a disciplined approach to business, we provide greater security for our policyholders. We believe that integrity and mutual respect are the foundation of long-term and fulfilling relationships with our employees, customers and business partners.

Our Core Values

Act with integrity! At JDA, we do the right thing regardless of the outcome.

Strive to “over deliver”!   At JDA, good just isn’t good enough.

Be accountable! At JDA, we believe being individually accountable for results helps us achieve critical objectives.

Develop positive relationships! At JDA, we believe our “TEAM” is our greatest asset.

Embrace new and better ideas! At JDA we believe innovation comes from everyone.

Have Fun! At JDA, we believe that fun and work aren’t mutually exclusive.


Every referral that we have given John at JDA Insurance has called us back to thank us for that referral and to say how much money they had saved! It’s great to know when you send someone out into the woods with a referral they come back a happy camper! Thanks John!

Lisa H, C.F.P.,

Now that JDA Insurance has saved me hundreds of dollars on my auto policy, I will be sure to have them review my home owner’s and flood insurance, before I renew with my current policy.

Bernice C.,
CEO / Manager

JDA Insurance saved my condo association over $7,000 on our insurance policy during the first 2 years alone.  John and his staff shopped the policy each year for the best options for us.  They presented the information timely, prior to our policy expiring, reviewed the policy with us and we even had a possible claim question and they handled that for us.  JDA Insurance is customer service at its finest!  Thank You JDA!!!

Ann I.,

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